Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Judy Phan

This week I conversed with Judy Phan. She is a sophomore Health sciences major at CSULB. Everyday she commutes from Westminster. She chose health sciences because she plans to go to med school and either become an E.R. Doctor or a physicians assistant. Judy snowboards during the winter and goes hiking and camping during the summer. Her favorite type of movie is super hero movies. If she could travel to any country in the world she would pick Vietnam so she could visit her family that still lives there. Judy is the youngest of 4, with 2 older sisters and an older brother. untitled


Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

This week one of the galleries featured artist, Matthew Dumpit and his kinetic art. Matthew’s pieces were movable and each piece had a light on them that cast a shadow on the wall behind the piece. Matthew is fascinated by motion and emotion and finds the two to be related. He uses the geometric shapes and complex lighting arrangements to achieve a desired affect. The levers on the artwork move and distort the shadows into appearing to move and have many layers to them. Each time he made one of his kinetic art pieces it was inspired by a feeling. Happiness, frustration, anxiousness, all emotions that triggered a impulsive response to create, quite literally, a moving piece of art. The reason for motion is that he wants his pieces to be able to change with his emotions, each layer of the shadow revealing a different emotion. I enjoyed Matthew’s gallery showing, unfortunately I couldn’t find any of his work online.
IMG_20151029_110832373 IMG_20151029_110900998

Wk 9 – Activity – Trans-Media Storytelling

Are task this week was to work with a partner and create a story based around character who interact with each other and create social media profiles for them. I did not create any social media profiles for my characters because it violates the terms of service to create fake accounts on social media sites. I still came up with a story with a classmate and our characters interact through social media in the story. My partner for creating the story was Frank Chhay and our characters’ names are John and Stan.

The story of John’s addiction began when he purchased a new video game, the game was an MMORPG, or massive multiplayer online role playing game. John’s character was his polar opposite, an outcast with no where to go and had to earn the trust of everyone he met. John, a nerd by mainstream media standards, had found popularity among gamers and had a popular YouTube channel where he commentated over gameplay of this new game. Two weeks after the game had launched John’s videos on the game had garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Most of the comments were positive, except for a handful. Most of the hateful comments came from StanStan comments got to John after a couple of weeks and he began to reply with idiotic and even more hateful comments. If (name of frank’s character) said “UR SO STUPID YOU SHOULD QUIT YOUTUBE YOU STUPID ****. John would reply with “First of all if you are going to insult somebody spell out all of your words, secondly go **** yourself my videos are great.” Comments like these fly back and forth each trying to one up the other with a meaner and more degrading insult each time. John became addicted to this and his videos began to focus on complaining about this one commenter. Desperate to win an internet argument John hacked Stan’s computer and called the cops on (name of frank’s character). A few hours later cops were at John’s door, they were arresting him for falsely reporting an emergency. He spent the next 8 months behind bars.

To hear Stan’s side of the story and why Stan did what he did click here: LINK

I had a lot of fun writing this, I know its poorly written and takes a lot from other stories and ends rather abruptly but I think its a good allegory to what goes on in the comments below videos today and how it needs to be stopped.

A fake screen shot from one a youtube video. Actual game TF2
A fake screen shot from one a youtube video. Actual game TF2

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin

This week the artist featured in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East was Juan Martin. He had a handful of sculptures to showcase and the story behind them was very interesting. Mannequins are idealized versions of the human body, exaggerating the good, removing the bad they can been thought of as perfect. But mannequins are not perfect, nor are they human. Anything more than a quick glance will show this, their hollowness shows through the clothes they advertise and they appear fragile. Juan wanted to change this, so his mannequins are made out of solid concrete. He said this shows a more realistic and grounded version of the human form, which is what he wants to see happen in modern beauty standards. His second piece is a mannequin of a deer, with one side being an abstract arrangement of cubes where the deer’s organs would be. He did this with a 3D model and hand carving finer details. He feels the tool marks left on the sculpture really make the work unique. His third and final piece is a plain black box. I didn’t fully understand this piece, but it was cool non-the less. Juan’s sculptures made for an exciting exhibit and to see more of his work visit his Facebook

The deer with the side cut out
The deer with the side cut out
A minimalist black box
A minimalist black box
Concrete Mannequin
Concrete Mannequin

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Inessa Lopez

This week’s classmate conversation was a little bit different. Instead of talking to Inessa at the art gallery on Thursday I texted her over the weekend. This was because she wasn’t able to make it to the gallery and one of her friends, whom I had interviewed, asked me to text her so she would have somebody to blog about. Inessa is a sophomore at CSULB and is studying physics. She picked physics since it was her favorite science and she enjoys math. However she does plan to transfer to engineering. Outside of school she works part time, but her dream job would be an imaginer at Disney. This is why she is looking to transfer into engineering, being an imaginer would be a dream come true since Disney had such a huge influence on her as a child. Aside from school and work Inessa enjoys hiking, coffee, and during her limited free time sleep. Trying to balance friends, work, and school has taught her a lot the past two years at CSULB. Inessa seems like an intelligent person that I just might have to physically talk to next week during art class. Her blog can be found here: https://inxssa.wordpress.com/


Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Terry Liu

This week I chose to blog about Terry Liu’s artwork. His work is very surreal and features abstract representations of monsters. Terry titled the work “The Side Effect of American Imagination”. Terry’s work was inspired by his experience growing up in China, where imagination and free thought are surpressed, and when he finally moved to America, living in a place where imagination and abstract ideas are encouraged. This is seen in Terry’s work as it is very colorful and abstract. He mentioned how he is most concerned with the outcome, is it “fun to look at” and I find his work very fun to look at. The colors and creatures pop out of the page and entice ones imagination to run wild. The work displayed on the floor called “The Crazy Ice Cream Man” is a work in progress meant to show spontaneity and craziness. The idea of having a truck deliver ice cream was very new to Terry when he moved to America 18 years ago and he has finally put his awe into a piece of art. I was not able to find any social media outlets for Terry’s work but I do not think a picture does the works justice. The vibrancy and fun of the art can only be truly appreciated in person.

Wk 8 – Activity – Art Writing and Editing

The activity this week was to critique the blog of the person who’s first name is after ours alphabetically in the Art 110 class as well as our own. For me that person is Thomas Santillan. His latest artist conversation is concise and for the most part well written and easy to understand. Two mistakes I found come from the second line of the paragraph. He has written “title Ex Libris” for the title of the artist’s work, instead of titled. I’m sure this is a simple case of typing to fast and our brains are really good at filling in mssing letters so it wuold be realy easy to miss while proofreading. I actually left out a few letters in the previous sentence as well as rearranged letter order, but most people can read it with little to no trouble. The second mistake comes from inconsistent tense. This is a real nitpick because it is not entirely wrong, but Thomas used the past tense, was, when is is the better choice. He says, “Her work was” when really “Her work is” is a better way to write is since “Her work” is still here and available.
As for my own work I found the exact same mistake I found in Thomas’s work. Was being used when is is more appropriate. Other mistakes included contractions, something that should be avoided in formal writings. The post reads in a rambling way, it is not as concise as Thomas’s work. The final part of our assignment was to post a snapchat of our dinner. I already ate so here is a snapchat of leftover breadsticks.

Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Forest Nutter

This week I spoke with Forest Nutter. He is junior electrical engineering major at Cal state Long Beach. He enjoys learning about computers and video games which is why he chose electrical engineering. When he isn’t in class he enjoys being on the mountain, either snowboarding or biking. Forest’s response to the question of the week was he enjoyed the work of an artist who wanted to be a game designer and her work reminded him of how he views games. Forest’s wordpress link is: https://forestnutter.wordpress.com/

Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Jeanine Pham

This week I spoke with Jeanine Pham. Jeannine is a sophomore biology major at CSULB. She has really enjoyed her time at the school so far because while she as made many new friends she still gets to see her old friends from high school and hang out with them. That was part of the reason she chose CSULB, the other reason was her parents liked how close and affordable it was when compared with UC’s. When she isn’t at school Jeanine likes to read and cook. She lives in Garden Grove and attended Cypress high school. She often visits her younger cousins and plays with them in her free time. When asked the question of the week, “What color would you dye your hair?”, she said pink. She says she has done green, purple, red, but never pink and would like to try it one time. I got to know another one of my classmates this week and look forward to whomever I meet next week. Jeanine’s wordpress can be found here: https://jeaninepham.wordpress.com/


Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Jane Weibel

This week I interviewed Jane Weibel who’s art was in the Gatov-West Gallery. She is a junior at CSULB and her exhibit was a bunch of childhood memorabilia made out of ceramics. The exhibit featured things such as small playground swings, a tiny garden, and a house in the style of a young child’s drawing. Jane’s art was inspired by her childhood and how much she has changed since. She talked about how much the mind of a child changes and this made her want to preserve a part of her childhood. She did this with her ceramics art. She chose to use small strings and thread to suspend pieces in the exhibit because they represent how fragile and short childhood is.
Jane says she has always like art and even when she was at San Diego community college she knew she wanted to major in art. Once she got to CSULB she choose ceramics as her major. Jane’s other work can be found on her Instagram: janemargarette.
I found the exhibit interesting, since my childhood wasn’t to long ago and I see my sister growing up and going through many of the experiences depicted in Jane’s art. The exhibit was a joy to walk through and really captured the essence of childhood and how wondrous it is.

A small house that looks like a child's drawing.
A small house that looks like a child’s drawing.

A swing from a playground.
A swing from a playground.

A ladder leading up to a close line.
A ladder leading up to a close line.

Jane posing for a picture
Jane posing for a picture