Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett

On Thursday I got to see the incredible work of Tyler Turett. His artwork consist of 2d character designs and animation. He wants to work in animation and enjoys creating new characters and using them to tell stories that are filled with joy and humor. Tyler talked about the process of making his characters which entails many steps and Tyler says it can be tedious at times. When he first started he would draw his characters on paper then transfer them to the computer, now he draws almost exclusively on his computer. Once he has his characters drawn and looking the way he wants he imports them into a program that allows him to rig the characters to be animated. He attaches a virtual skeleton to them so instead of redrawing the character for each frame he can simply move the skeleton and the software does the work for him. This still takes a while to animate, but the finished product, at least the ones I’ve seen, look amazing and deserve recognition. Tyler’s work was a lot of fun to learn about this week since I’ve always found animation interesting. To see more of Tyler’s work click here.


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