Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

Sacred and Profane is an art exhibit featuring paintings of an artist’s friends and family at a beach in San Pedro. The artist is Christopher Linquata. Christopher’s art is inspired by the idea of a Sunken City, but not Atlantis. Instead the sunken in this context refers to a fall from grace as shown by the graffiti covered concrete rumble displayed in the paintings. After 10 months Christopher had used his imagination memory and rough sketches to create his final paintings. He says he tried not to use photographs because when painting from a photo he fells the picture comes across as flat and lifeless. The use of his friends in his work stems from economics, “models are expensive” so he just used his friends and family. Christopher’s work feels very real and I think that comes from the ruinous state of the concrete as well as the amount of graffiti covering the slabs. I really liked Christopher’s exhibit in the Gatov-West art room at CSULB.

IMG_20151112_112857809 IMG_20151112_112815211 IMG_20151112_112559690


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