Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

This week one of the galleries featured artist, Matthew Dumpit and his kinetic art. Matthew’s pieces were movable and each piece had a light on them that cast a shadow on the wall behind the piece. Matthew is fascinated by motion and emotion and finds the two to be related. He uses the geometric shapes and complex lighting arrangements to achieve a desired affect. The levers on the artwork move and distort the shadows into appearing to move and have many layers to them. Each time he made one of his kinetic art pieces it was inspired by a feeling. Happiness, frustration, anxiousness, all emotions that triggered a impulsive response to create, quite literally, a moving piece of art. The reason for motion is that he wants his pieces to be able to change with his emotions, each layer of the shadow revealing a different emotion. I enjoyed Matthew’s gallery showing, unfortunately I couldn’t find any of his work online.
IMG_20151029_110832373 IMG_20151029_110900998


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