Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin

This week the artist featured in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East was Juan Martin. He had a handful of sculptures to showcase and the story behind them was very interesting. Mannequins are idealized versions of the human body, exaggerating the good, removing the bad they can been thought of as perfect. But mannequins are not perfect, nor are they human. Anything more than a quick glance will show this, their hollowness shows through the clothes they advertise and they appear fragile. Juan wanted to change this, so his mannequins are made out of solid concrete. He said this shows a more realistic and grounded version of the human form, which is what he wants to see happen in modern beauty standards. His second piece is a mannequin of a deer, with one side being an abstract arrangement of cubes where the deer’s organs would be. He did this with a 3D model and hand carving finer details. He feels the tool marks left on the sculpture really make the work unique. His third and final piece is a plain black box. I didn’t fully understand this piece, but it was cool non-the less. Juan’s sculptures made for an exciting exhibit and to see more of his work visit his Facebook

The deer with the side cut out
The deer with the side cut out
A minimalist black box
A minimalist black box
Concrete Mannequin
Concrete Mannequin

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