Wk 9 – Activity – Trans-Media Storytelling

Are task this week was to work with a partner and create a story based around character who interact with each other and create social media profiles for them. I did not create any social media profiles for my characters because it violates the terms of service to create fake accounts on social media sites. I still came up with a story with a classmate and our characters interact through social media in the story. My partner for creating the story was Frank Chhay and our characters’ names are John and Stan.

The story of John’s addiction began when he purchased a new video game, the game was an MMORPG, or massive multiplayer online role playing game. John’s character was his polar opposite, an outcast with no where to go and had to earn the trust of everyone he met. John, a nerd by mainstream media standards, had found popularity among gamers and had a popular YouTube channel where he commentated over gameplay of this new game. Two weeks after the game had launched John’s videos on the game had garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Most of the comments were positive, except for a handful. Most of the hateful comments came from StanStan comments got to John after a couple of weeks and he began to reply with idiotic and even more hateful comments. If (name of frank’s character) said “UR SO STUPID YOU SHOULD QUIT YOUTUBE YOU STUPID ****. John would reply with “First of all if you are going to insult somebody spell out all of your words, secondly go **** yourself my videos are great.” Comments like these fly back and forth each trying to one up the other with a meaner and more degrading insult each time. John became addicted to this and his videos began to focus on complaining about this one commenter. Desperate to win an internet argument John hacked Stan’s computer and called the cops on (name of frank’s character). A few hours later cops were at John’s door, they were arresting him for falsely reporting an emergency. He spent the next 8 months behind bars.

To hear Stan’s side of the story and why Stan did what he did click here: LINK

I had a lot of fun writing this, I know its poorly written and takes a lot from other stories and ends rather abruptly but I think its a good allegory to what goes on in the comments below videos today and how it needs to be stopped.

A fake screen shot from one a youtube video. Actual game TF2
A fake screen shot from one a youtube video. Actual game TF2

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