Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Terry Liu

This week I chose to blog about Terry Liu’s artwork. His work is very surreal and features abstract representations of monsters. Terry titled the work “The Side Effect of American Imagination”. Terry’s work was inspired by his experience growing up in China, where imagination and free thought are surpressed, and when he finally moved to America, living in a place where imagination and abstract ideas are encouraged. This is seen in Terry’s work as it is very colorful and abstract. He mentioned how he is most concerned with the outcome, is it “fun to look at” and I find his work very fun to look at. The colors and creatures pop out of the page and entice ones imagination to run wild. The work displayed on the floor called “The Crazy Ice Cream Man” is a work in progress meant to show spontaneity and craziness. The idea of having a truck deliver ice cream was very new to Terry when he moved to America 18 years ago and he has finally put his awe into a piece of art. I was not able to find any social media outlets for Terry’s work but I do not think a picture does the works justice. The vibrancy and fun of the art can only be truly appreciated in person.


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