Wk 8 – Activity – Art Writing and Editing

The activity this week was to critique the blog of the person who’s first name is after ours alphabetically in the Art 110 class as well as our own. For me that person is Thomas Santillan. His latest artist conversation is concise and for the most part well written and easy to understand. Two mistakes I found come from the second line of the paragraph. He has written “title Ex Libris” for the title of the artist’s work, instead of titled. I’m sure this is a simple case of typing to fast and our brains are really good at filling in mssing letters so it wuold be realy easy to miss while proofreading. I actually left out a few letters in the previous sentence as well as rearranged letter order, but most people can read it with little to no trouble. The second mistake comes from inconsistent tense. This is a real nitpick because it is not entirely wrong, but Thomas used the past tense, was, when is is the better choice. He says, “Her work was” when really “Her work is” is a better way to write is since “Her work” is still here and available.
As for my own work I found the exact same mistake I found in Thomas’s work. Was being used when is is more appropriate. Other mistakes included contractions, something that should be avoided in formal writings. The post reads in a rambling way, it is not as concise as Thomas’s work. The final part of our assignment was to post a snapchat of our dinner. I already ate so here is a snapchat of leftover breadsticks.


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