Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Jeanine Pham

This week I spoke with Jeanine Pham. Jeannine is a sophomore biology major at CSULB. She has really enjoyed her time at the school so far because while she as made many new friends she still gets to see her old friends from high school and hang out with them. That was part of the reason she chose CSULB, the other reason was her parents liked how close and affordable it was when compared with UC’s. When she isn’t at school Jeanine likes to read and cook. She lives in Garden Grove and attended Cypress high school. She often visits her younger cousins and plays with them in her free time. When asked the question of the week, “What color would you dye your hair?”, she said pink. She says she has done green, purple, red, but never pink and would like to try it one time. I got to know another one of my classmates this week and look forward to whomever I meet next week. Jeanine’s wordpress can be found here: https://jeaninepham.wordpress.com/



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