Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Mark Flores

This week I spoke with Mark Flores from my art 110 class. He is originally from east Los Angeles but has lived in several places. He lived in East LA for only a couple of years as a baby then moved to Lancaster for about 7 years. He moved to Texas when he was 10, then moved outside the country to Guadalajara Mexico. Finally he moved back to California about 5 years ago.
Mark has a lot of free time since he doesn’t commute to school, he fills this extra time with his hobbies. These include boxing, baseball and his work as a server in a café. Mark is 20 years old and sophomore at CSULB. His major is Criminal Justice.
With his criminal justice degree he plans to get into law enforcement, hopefully in Newport Beach as CHP or just a regular city cop. If for some reason law enforcement doesn’t work out his backup plan is to go to law school and become a lawyer.
When asked this week’s question, (What are you swimming in?) Mark responded by saying “I’m swimming in a little bit of everything, I’m mainly swimming in school, work and boxing. Also I’m swimming towards securing my family’s and my future.” I enjoyed getting to know Mark Flores this week.

Mark when he was in England.
Mark when he was in England.


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