Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Roddy Hernandez & Krista Tsukashima

The piece of art that I decided to write about this week was done by Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima. Together they created an inspiring image that reminds they of why they do the things they do. The painting is oil on canvas and is split in half, with Krista’s half on the left and Roddy’s on the right. The two pictures compliment each other nicely. When asked what inspired the collaboration they said their group of friends wanted to do an exhibit together but if each person did a painting they wouldn’t have enough space, so they all paired off. While it was a collaborative effort the inspirations behind each half are very different.
Roddy’s half shows him playing pool with an angelic figure guiding him. When asked who the other person in the painting was, Roddy explained it was his dead brother. His brother died only a few months earlier. He still feels a deep connection with his brother and believes that he is watching over Roddy. Roddy himself is a senior at CSULB and after graduation plans on getting his masters degree and wants to pursue painting as a career. He currently works as a barber to make a living right now.
Krista’s painting shows a disabled child with an adult at what appears to be some type of camp. Krista explained that the child is a camper from a camp she volunteers at, Easter Seals. The camp is for children with disabilities and has an overnight camp in Big Bear each year. Krista said volunteering at the camp for the past 15 years has changed her outlook on life. The kid’s struggles and triumphs are her inspiration to continue each and every day. This painting was her way of expressing how much she appreciates the impact the campers have had on her. Krista is also a Senior at CSULB and has no concrete plan for what happens after graduation. She would like to make a living as an artist but is still unsure of what her future holds.
I really enjoyed hearing the stories these artists had for their painting, it was fascinating to here about the camp Krista voluteers at and how close Roddy and his brother were. I wish both of these artists the best in all of there future endeavors.

Roddy doesn’t have any social media
Krista can be found on Instagram at Kyoshibt.


Krista with her half on the left and Roddy on the right.
Krista with her half on the left and Roddy on the right.

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