Wk 5 – Acticity – NO Electricity

This week our assignment was to spend an entire light with no electricity. This was both challenging and a lot of fun. After the sun fell behind the horizon I cut myself off from electricity. This was around 7pm on Saturday night. I figured I would simply go to bed early and sleep through the whole thing. I was very wrong in my assumption, 7pm was way to early to fall asleep. So I used the little light left by twilight to straiten up my room and set up a couple of candles by which to study. I spent the next hour and a half reading my math and chemical engineering book. I worked on some practice problems and about 8:30 I tried to lie down and fall asleep. I did forget to unplug my clock so I starred at it until about 9:45 before I fell asleep for the night.
The whole experience was interesting. I would not want to do this again any time soon.
Since I didn’t have a film camera I waited until Sunday night and took pictures of the lunar eclipse to use as my photos for this post.

The Lunar Eclipse
The Lunar Eclipse

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