WK 4 – Artist Interview – Marilyn Werby Gallery

The artist I interviewed this week was Tidawhitney Lek. She is a senior at California State University Long Beach and is majoring in Drawing and Painting. When asked about her experiences as an art student she explained it helped her develop her skills and expand her horizons in terms of art mediums. She went on to say that by experimenting with various mediums people find their medium where they really understand the material. She spoke briefly on this topic, what she was really excited about was the piece she was displaying at the Marilyn Werby Gallery.
The piece Tidawhitney was displaying was Disposable Thoughts. The single piece was susspened from the ceiling and was a series of napkins sewn together. Each napkin had a different quote, saying, or doodle on it. I found the piece bewildering at first, but after speaking with Tidawitney I see what she was trying to accomplish. Our thoughts are disposable, but by writing or drawing them they become tangible and are no longer fleeting feelings. The piece has a stream of conciousnes flow to it, that is no real direction but not entirely random. Each napkin shows what Tidawhitney was feeling or thinking at the moment she put pen to napkin.
I asked her how she came up with the idea for the piece and her response was that she had so many thoughts and feelings during the day, but know way to remember them all. She said by drawing them out on napkins she was saving her otherwise disposable thoughts. To her being able to finally see how many thoughts she has throughout the day was humbling and terrifying. So much would have been forgotten or never heard by others.
Tidawhitney’s Disposable Thoughts was the first time I had ever seen such an abstract idea as thought made concrete. Tidawhitney has more pictures of this piece along with her other works on her Instagram: Tidawhitney.







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