Wk 3 – Conversation with a Student: Franklin Chhay

For my student interview this week I talked with Franklin Chhay. I knew Frank prior to this class but it was only through mutual friends, this week I really got to know the real Franklin Chhay. Frank’s time at CSULB is being spent working on a Criminal Justice degree. Now in his second year Frank has aclomated to the changes that come with college and he enjoys college more than high school. Frank actually attended the same high school as myself, Lakewood High School. After he mentioned that I realized why he looked familiar, it wasn’t just that we had mutual friends but I had probably seen him around Lakewood High School.
While Frank finds college more interesting than high school his hobbies outside of school had a few surprises. I enjoy wasting an afternoon playing video games and Frank does as well, what surprised me was that beyond video games he finds guns, knives and fighting interesting. This interest is what spurred him to choose criminal justice as a major. He felt it would give him a chance to learn more about theses topics. Frank finds learning how to use these items in survival scenarios because its both fun and practical. After my conversation with Frank I felt I had really gotten to know him. Before this I had only met him once or twice and it was through mutual friends.

Frank’s Art110 page can be found here: https://franklinchhay.wordpress.com/


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