Wk 3-Activity: Social Photography

This week our entire Art110 class participated in what our professor called a group selfie. Our task was to post pictures 4 pictures to Instagram throughout the day. I was not at school Thursday to do this due to a cold I caught over the long weekend. I did however find 4 very interesting photos taken by my classmates that I feel are worth briefly discussing.

This first picture reminded me of the activity we had last week, where we had to create a plaster cast of our hand. My favorite part of this sculpture would be the bicycle rim logged into the hand. The picture was taken by shannellecruz30

The second piece seemed appropriate with it being just after labor day and right around the anniversary of September 11th 2001. I feel it is important to show respect for those who gave everything for our country. The picture was taken by art110_week3.

I chose my third photo because it reminds me of the classmate I interviewed this week. Frank Chhay really enjoys knives and other survival related things. Photo taken by diananananana26.

My final picture is of the CSULB water fountain. I am enjoying my time at CSULB so far and was glad to see a picture of the schools water fountain. The photographer is jacosta379


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