Wk 5 – Acticity – NO Electricity

This week our assignment was to spend an entire light with no electricity. This was both challenging and a lot of fun. After the sun fell behind the horizon I cut myself off from electricity. This was around 7pm on Saturday night. I figured I would simply go to bed early and sleep through the whole thing. I was very wrong in my assumption, 7pm was way to early to fall asleep. So I used the little light left by twilight to straiten up my room and set up a couple of candles by which to study. I spent the next hour and a half reading my math and chemical engineering book. I worked on some practice problems and about 8:30 I tried to lie down and fall asleep. I did forget to unplug my clock so I starred at it until about 9:45 before I fell asleep for the night.
The whole experience was interesting. I would not want to do this again any time soon.
Since I didn’t have a film camera I waited until Sunday night and took pictures of the lunar eclipse to use as my photos for this post.

The Lunar Eclipse
The Lunar Eclipse

Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Roddy Hernandez & Krista Tsukashima

The piece of art that I decided to write about this week was done by Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima. Together they created an inspiring image that reminds they of why they do the things they do. The painting is oil on canvas and is split in half, with Krista’s half on the left and Roddy’s on the right. The two pictures compliment each other nicely. When asked what inspired the collaboration they said their group of friends wanted to do an exhibit together but if each person did a painting they wouldn’t have enough space, so they all paired off. While it was a collaborative effort the inspirations behind each half are very different.
Roddy’s half shows him playing pool with an angelic figure guiding him. When asked who the other person in the painting was, Roddy explained it was his dead brother. His brother died only a few months earlier. He still feels a deep connection with his brother and believes that he is watching over Roddy. Roddy himself is a senior at CSULB and after graduation plans on getting his masters degree and wants to pursue painting as a career. He currently works as a barber to make a living right now.
Krista’s painting shows a disabled child with an adult at what appears to be some type of camp. Krista explained that the child is a camper from a camp she volunteers at, Easter Seals. The camp is for children with disabilities and has an overnight camp in Big Bear each year. Krista said volunteering at the camp for the past 15 years has changed her outlook on life. The kid’s struggles and triumphs are her inspiration to continue each and every day. This painting was her way of expressing how much she appreciates the impact the campers have had on her. Krista is also a Senior at CSULB and has no concrete plan for what happens after graduation. She would like to make a living as an artist but is still unsure of what her future holds.
I really enjoyed hearing the stories these artists had for their painting, it was fascinating to here about the camp Krista voluteers at and how close Roddy and his brother were. I wish both of these artists the best in all of there future endeavors.

Roddy doesn’t have any social media
Krista can be found on Instagram at Kyoshibt.


Krista with her half on the left and Roddy on the right.
Krista with her half on the left and Roddy on the right.

Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Mark Flores

This week I spoke with Mark Flores from my art 110 class. He is originally from east Los Angeles but has lived in several places. He lived in East LA for only a couple of years as a baby then moved to Lancaster for about 7 years. He moved to Texas when he was 10, then moved outside the country to Guadalajara Mexico. Finally he moved back to California about 5 years ago.
Mark has a lot of free time since he doesn’t commute to school, he fills this extra time with his hobbies. These include boxing, baseball and his work as a server in a café. Mark is 20 years old and sophomore at CSULB. His major is Criminal Justice.
With his criminal justice degree he plans to get into law enforcement, hopefully in Newport Beach as CHP or just a regular city cop. If for some reason law enforcement doesn’t work out his backup plan is to go to law school and become a lawyer.
When asked this week’s question, (What are you swimming in?) Mark responded by saying “I’m swimming in a little bit of everything, I’m mainly swimming in school, work and boxing. Also I’m swimming towards securing my family’s and my future.” I enjoyed getting to know Mark Flores this week.

Mark when he was in England.
Mark when he was in England.

WK 4 – Artist Interview – Marilyn Werby Gallery

The artist I interviewed this week was Tidawhitney Lek. She is a senior at California State University Long Beach and is majoring in Drawing and Painting. When asked about her experiences as an art student she explained it helped her develop her skills and expand her horizons in terms of art mediums. She went on to say that by experimenting with various mediums people find their medium where they really understand the material. She spoke briefly on this topic, what she was really excited about was the piece she was displaying at the Marilyn Werby Gallery.
The piece Tidawhitney was displaying was Disposable Thoughts. The single piece was susspened from the ceiling and was a series of napkins sewn together. Each napkin had a different quote, saying, or doodle on it. I found the piece bewildering at first, but after speaking with Tidawitney I see what she was trying to accomplish. Our thoughts are disposable, but by writing or drawing them they become tangible and are no longer fleeting feelings. The piece has a stream of conciousnes flow to it, that is no real direction but not entirely random. Each napkin shows what Tidawhitney was feeling or thinking at the moment she put pen to napkin.
I asked her how she came up with the idea for the piece and her response was that she had so many thoughts and feelings during the day, but know way to remember them all. She said by drawing them out on napkins she was saving her otherwise disposable thoughts. To her being able to finally see how many thoughts she has throughout the day was humbling and terrifying. So much would have been forgotten or never heard by others.
Tidawhitney’s Disposable Thoughts was the first time I had ever seen such an abstract idea as thought made concrete. Tidawhitney has more pictures of this piece along with her other works on her Instagram: Tidawhitney.






WK 4 – Acticity – Graffiti Art

This week our assignment was to spray paint our name on a piece of plywood. I found the experience of spray painting the plywood to be something I would only do again if I had to for an assignment. I’m not much of an artist and I do not find graffiti artistic, I see it as a violation of the law and nothing more. That’s not to say these people that tag do not have artistic talent, they certainly do, I just never understood why they feel its ok to vandalize other people’s property.

I sketched a rough outline in pencil
I sketched a rough outline in pencil

My finished painting
My finished painting

WK 4 – Classmate Interview – Gillian English

This week I met a new person in my art 110 class, her name is Gillian English. Gillian is a sophomore business major. She is also working on a minor in fashion design. She really enjoys designing socks and hopes to open her own business one day. This is why she is majoring in business at CSULB.
Outside of school she enjoys playing soccer and watching all sorts of sports. When not outside or watching a game she spends time with her 2 dogs. She has a lab and a German Shepard Boston mix. The question for this week was does art matter and Gillian’s response was; yes, she sees it as a way for people to escape their problems.

Wk 3 – Conversation with a Student: Franklin Chhay

For my student interview this week I talked with Franklin Chhay. I knew Frank prior to this class but it was only through mutual friends, this week I really got to know the real Franklin Chhay. Frank’s time at CSULB is being spent working on a Criminal Justice degree. Now in his second year Frank has aclomated to the changes that come with college and he enjoys college more than high school. Frank actually attended the same high school as myself, Lakewood High School. After he mentioned that I realized why he looked familiar, it wasn’t just that we had mutual friends but I had probably seen him around Lakewood High School.
While Frank finds college more interesting than high school his hobbies outside of school had a few surprises. I enjoy wasting an afternoon playing video games and Frank does as well, what surprised me was that beyond video games he finds guns, knives and fighting interesting. This interest is what spurred him to choose criminal justice as a major. He felt it would give him a chance to learn more about theses topics. Frank finds learning how to use these items in survival scenarios because its both fun and practical. After my conversation with Frank I felt I had really gotten to know him. Before this I had only met him once or twice and it was through mutual friends.

Frank’s Art110 page can be found here: https://franklinchhay.wordpress.com/

Wk 3-Activity: Social Photography

This week our entire Art110 class participated in what our professor called a group selfie. Our task was to post pictures 4 pictures to Instagram throughout the day. I was not at school Thursday to do this due to a cold I caught over the long weekend. I did however find 4 very interesting photos taken by my classmates that I feel are worth briefly discussing.

This first picture reminded me of the activity we had last week, where we had to create a plaster cast of our hand. My favorite part of this sculpture would be the bicycle rim logged into the hand. The picture was taken by shannellecruz30

The second piece seemed appropriate with it being just after labor day and right around the anniversary of September 11th 2001. I feel it is important to show respect for those who gave everything for our country. The picture was taken by art110_week3.

I chose my third photo because it reminds me of the classmate I interviewed this week. Frank Chhay really enjoys knives and other survival related things. Photo taken by diananananana26.

My final picture is of the CSULB water fountain. I am enjoying my time at CSULB so far and was glad to see a picture of the schools water fountain. The photographer is jacosta379

Week 2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

The art project my friends and I completed this week was making a plaster cast of our hands. To accomplish this I a dug hole deep enough that my hand and wrist could be completely covered with sand. I then filled in the hole with my hand inside. I had my hand flat against one of the sides hoping to create a mold that could be high-fived. After covering my hand my friends poured water over the sand so it would create a mold in the shape of my hand. After the water sand mixture was compressed I carefully removed my hand, but the hole collapsed on itself. I had my arm at to much of an angle, the second time I kept my arm completely vertical. The second time the hole did not collapse. Now I had a hole in the sand in the shape of my hand, my friends and I mixed the plaster and poured it into the hole. I gave the plaster about thirty minutes to set before digging it out. After digging out the plaster mold I used a paint brush to remove excess sand from the mold. Removing all the sand proved to be very difficult since the sand surrounding the mold was still wet, the mold however came out fairly decent as I was able to give it a high-five. Overall the experience was enjoyable since I got to spend the day at the beach with some friends.

The final results, mine is the one in the center.
The final results, mine is the one in the center.
The waves nearly destroyed all our work.
The waves nearly destroyed all our work.
A series of trenches to prevent waves from washing away our molds.
A series of trenches to prevent waves from washing away our molds.
We used the lids as Frisbees as we waited for the plaster to harden.
We used the lids as Frisbees as we waited for the plaster to harden.